Duncan’s Estate Services offers Personal Property Appraisals. We have a team of experts who conduct well-researched fair market appraisals.

Personal Property is defined as tangible, movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, decorative or a combination of the three. These can be items such as paintings, china, antiques, sculptures, photography, vintage music posters, toys, commercial advertising, musical instruments, professional camera equipment, fine watercraft or automobiles, silverware, jewelry, wine or other collectibles. There are several different types of appraisals and we are up to date on all requirements.

Insurance Appraisals
An appraisal documents the existence, condition and replacement value of your belongings. It is wise to have an updated appraisal every five years.
Estate Appraisals
An appraisal is necessary for a taxable estate. One must efficiently catalogue the property to provide an appraisal that meets the IRS requirements.
Equitable Distribution Appraisal
An appraisal is used to settle divorce or estates for fair distribution of property that is based on fair market value.
Donation Appraisals
An appraisal is recommended to substantiate a donation to a charitable organization of $1,000 but it is required for anything above $5,000.
Pre-move Appraisal
An appraisal is recommended due to the limited protection for damage or loss by a moving company.

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