House & Estate Cleanout


Are you charged with the somewhat daunting task of having to cleanout a household or estate, maybe dealing with a loved ones lifetime collection? Is the task ahead too much for you to manage or even get a grasp of what to do, even where to begin?

Perhaps you are the executor of an estate and need everything removed from a house so it can be cleaned up and sold? You need the cleanout experts at Duncan's Estate Service. One of the many services we offer is a complete house and property cleanout.

Our clean-out service leaves your house completely empty. We remove everything from the house including the attic and basement, haul all of the trash away and leave the house broom swept. Outbuildings, barns & garages can also be emptied and cleaned out. Our company can also take care of anything else laying around the yard, old cars, equipment and miscellaneous items.

We are an environmentally conscious company. Disposable items are sorted and separated and anything that can be recycled will be. Remaining items will be disposed of in a responsible manner as well.

We also welcome working with real estate agents and property managers who have properties that are in need of cleaning out to prepare for marketing, renovations or rental. When you want the job done right and need it done quickly, call the estate experts at Duncan's Estate Service.

Duncan's Estate Service covers Southern New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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