Duncan's Estate Sale


Parking is limited!! use caution and don't block driveways. Park on Serenity Lane the side street, Driveway is for pick ups only.

In order to purchase any gun you must have your NJ Firearms purchaser ID card....ALL GUNS will be delivered to an FFL gun dealer and picked up by the buyer upon receipt of your handgun permit or completion of your NICS Check. NO Exceptions!! - All Guns MUST be transferred to an FFL Dealer and the purchaser MUST complete a NICS Check and have required permits FOR ALL GUNS.

If you are NOT an NJ resident and would like to purchase ANY Gun - ALL GUN SALES must be transferred from a Licensed NJ FFL Dealer to a Licensed FFL Dealer of your choice in whichever state you reside - NO EXCEPTIONS - Cost of transfer and shipping will be determined on how many guns and location of shipping

Home owner went on several African Safaris and has a treasure trove of Taxidermy, this is for the true collector! 

If you have interest in the taxidermy, We will be open to sell the taxidermy prior to the sale - TAXIDERMY ONLY!

  • Bill Mack "Mystery" 36 x 25.4 Bonded Sand Sculpture Hand Signed limited edition of 50
  • Bill Mack Full Figure Sculpture
  • Bill Mack Acrylic Nude Torso
  • Yankel Ginsburg Acrylic Statue
  • Yankel Ginsburg Original Paintings & Prints
  • Kudo
  • Male and female Gemsbok
  • Roan Antelope
  • Cape Buffalo
  • Spanish Red Deer
  • Mule Dee
  • Prong horn
  • Gredos Ibex
  • White Tail 
  • Black face Impala
  • Bush Buck
  • Kudo Spiral horn
  • Sable Antelope
  • GUNS
  • Parker Bros 12 Gauge Double Barrel
  • Parker Bros 16 Gauge  Double Barrel
  • LC Smith 12 Gauge Special Grade
  • MK 85 Muzzle Loader
  • Thompson Center 50 Cal Left Handed
  • Weatherby .416 Mark V Left Handed with a Swarorski 2x4.5 scope
  • Krieg 30/40 Redfield Scope 4x